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"Resting in the River"...
actress Marsha Mason's biodynamic, certified organic New Mexico farm

Marsha Mason's Resting in the River
Spring comes to the Southwest. With the sun's first warming rays, the earth yawns and tests its muscle, pushing up tiny shoots of fresh new green and tender buds of pale color that soon will blossom into the brilliance of summer to come.

And at Resting in the River, actress Marsha Mason's organically certified farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico (Georgia O'Keeffe country), preparations are being made for reaping the new spring crop - a crop of herbs and flowers that are the healing ingredients for the potions and lotions that have launched this four-time Oscar-nominated actress on a new and fulfilling career.

Resting in the River"I needed a new perspective... a new point of view," says Mason. She found that on the lush and fertile river-bottom acres of her New Mexico farm. A lifelong devotee of herbal remedies, Marsha Mason wanted to "create something healthy, that people would want and use." Putting her depth of knowledge, and her devotion to research, to good use, she worked from the soil up to create a farm that is a model for biodynamic methods, producing medicinal herbs that are renowned for their vitality and efficacy, earning for Resting in the River a major reputation among practicing herbalists and herbal laboratories.

"We give thanks to Mother Earth for blessing us with Her bounty. We recognize that it is our responsibility to care for and replenish her with love, respect and the spiritual energy of our hearts"

-Marsha Mason

A Shaman's Touch...

A Shaman's TouchMarsha Mason employs a Bolivian agronomist, Emigdio Ballon, to oversee the bio-
dynamic farming principles that produce Resting in the River's uniquely vital crop. Using ancient planting rituals learned from his shaman grandfather, Ballon uses ritual offerings and practices to regenerate the soil in harmony with the phases of the moon and planets. "All I can tell you is that it works," says Mason. "Now the roots of the plants are three times bigger than before."

Petal Powers...
Petal Powers
Riotous color in fields of California poppies... acres of purple sage and lavender... row upon row of multi-hued dahlias... Chinese licorice, stinging nettle, yarrow, calendula, herbs in 25 varieties, even Indian tobacco. The vivid colors are breathtaking, the fragrance, pure bliss. But these flowers aren't destined for an Oriental vase. These are petals with powers to soothe, medicinal herbs and flowers that are the healing ingredients in Marsha Mason's Resting in the River Herbal Products - products with punch, products that perform, products that renew.*


Making the leap from award-winning actress to working farmer was an experience Marsha Mason recounted memorably in her bestselling book, "Journey: a Marsha Mason's JourneyPersonal Odyssey" (Simon & Schuster, 2000), a moving memoir of how, and why, she renounced a lucrative film and stage career, chucked her posh Malibu lifestyle and moved, lock, stock and station wagon, to a remote spot in rural New Mexico.

As Mason describes it, her life has been a series of journeys (seemingly without a boring moment in any of them). As to why she took this particular journey, "I hoped I'd find a completely new existence, a different life that would bring sustained peace and enjoyment". She did.

Resting in the River

Today, Marsha Mason lives in a rambling ranch house inspired by an Argentine estancia, overlooking New Mexico's spectacular red-rock country and the Cerro Pedernal, that flat-topped mountain that inspired many of artist Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings. You can't get more peaceful than that!

The Hello Girl...

Opting for peace and quiet in the serene New Mexico countryside didn't mean Marsha Mason would forsake the footlights. Not for an instant! This dual Golden Globe winner, four-time Oscar nominee and once-and-always "Goodbye Girl" (the role written for her by former husband Neil Simon) simply donned a different hat (one of many she changes with regularity) and continues to perform in theater, television and film while pursuing her full-time farming career.

The Cherry Orchard
Marsha Mason in the Santa Fe Stages production of "The Cherry Orchard", Summer 2001

Mason recently starred in the Santa Fe Stages production of Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" and was featured in the 2001 television mini-series, "Me and My Shadows". Her most current television role: opposite long-time film mate, Richard Dreyfuss, in his series "The Education of Max Bickford", which aired April 21.

Products That Soothe...

Marsha's Boost Juice Marsha's Boost Juice - a powerful immune booster in a cobalt-blue bottle with a dropper (use one to two dropperfuls in hot water or tea). Combats the onset of flu and colds, as well as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems with a formula that contains Organic Fresh Osha Root, Fresh Yerba Mansa Root, Fresh Yerba Santa Root, Fresh Spilanthes Flower, Mullein Leaf, Licorice Root, Lomatium Root, Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, and Grain Alcohol (20-30% by volume). A 2-oz. bottle, $16.79.

Marsha's Superior SupportMarsha's Superior Support - a liquified herbal immune booster used as maintenance to counteract frequent colds/flu. Contains Organic Fresh Echinacea Purpurea Flower, Fresh Spilanthes Flower, Astragalus Root, Deionized water, Vegetable Glycerin, and Grain Alcohol (20- 30% by volume). A 2-oz. bottle, $14.99.

Marsha's Chill FactorMarsha's Chill Factor - a potent antidote for anxiety, depression and stress that can be taken during the day without causing grogginess. Also an effective sleep aid. Synergistically combines Organic Kava Kava Root, Fresh Organic Lobelia Herb, Fresh Organic Wild Oat Seed, Fresh Organic St. John's Wort Flowers, Fresh Wild Night Blooming Cereus Stem, Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Alcohol. A 2-oz. bottle, $16.79.

Marsha's Killer SalveMarsha's Killer Salve -- an effective remedy for muscle, joint or nerve pain, bruises, eczema, rashes, itchy skin. Helps heal burns or wounds (and softens those calloused heels!) with Organic Spilanthes Flower, Organic Calendula Flower, Wild Chaparral Leaf, St. John's Wort Flowers, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, and Benzoin Gum (an herbal preservative). A 2-oz. jar, $16.79.

To order, please call 1-888-465-0563 or visit the Web site at www.riverherbs.com.
Marsha Mason Resting in the River Products
also are available at Sombria, in Santa Fe.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Home, Sweet-Scented Home...

Resting in the River Potpourri The riotous colors and pungent scent of the harvest. The blue-green colors and soothing fragrance of evergreen needles. The blue and purple hues and glorious aroma of lavender blossoms. And the sunny shades and garden-flower scents of summer. These are Marsha Mason's Resting in the River Potpourris and they're guaranteed to transform any house into a sweet-scented haven!

Autumn in Abiquiu - a festive mix of bright orange coreopsis flowers, purple bee balm and red rosehip buds with orange, cinnamon, spruce, patchouli and clove essences.

Resting in the River PotpourriEvergreen - cobalt blue bachelor's buttons and green leaves mixed with orange calendula flowers and the essence of pine and spruce needles.

Lavender - lavender blossoms, bachelor's buttons, purple larkspur and accents of red cockscomb, scented with lavender essence.

Sunshine - a sunny combination of orange calendula and red straw flowers, with orange, mandarin, pine needle, benzoin and spikenard essence.

Each potpourri is packaged in a recyclable calendula paper box (Just plant the box and next season reap the calendulas!) with its own 1 ml. refresher oil. Potpourri also is available in a colorful gauze sachet bag, perfect for tucking into lingerie drawer or closet.

Potpourri with 1 ml. bottle of essential oil, $15.95.
Essential Oils, 1/3 ounce bottle, $12.49.
Sachet, $4.95.

And the gift for all seasons: Marsha's Gift Tote,
a colorful tote containing samples of all the products -
three tinctures a salve and a box of potpourri
in any of the four scents, $57.50.

Coming Attractions...

Who better to dispense beauty advice than a bona fide stage, film and television star... especially when she's made a life's study of curative, beautifying potions. So watch for a new collection of Marsha Mason's Resting in the River Bath & Body Products, coming in the summer of 2002. And expect to find products such as Bath Soaps, Bath Salts and Salt Scrubs, formulated in exciting new herbal combinations with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and skin-nourishing properties.

And after that... watch for a brand-new collection of dietary supplements, still in development. We'll keep you informed!

All photos by Mark Nohl except for Santa Fe Stages photo, by Paul Slaughter.

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